Yoona Lee is a Seattle-based visual artist, writer, and activist. She is one of only 50 international artists working in the advertising/commercial industry to be selected for the 2018 MVVO AD ART SHOW at Sotheby’s NYC. Yoona has also shown at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience (a Smithsonian Affiliate), Vermillion, Ghost Gallery, and Gary Henderson Gallery, among other venues. Her art and writing have been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Seattle Journal for Social Justice, Breadline 4-Year Anthology, and The Stranger (a Seattle news and culture weekly periodical) and its daily blog.

Yoona has presented her art and writing to talk about cultural identity, hybridity, and marginalization in various venues, including University of Washington, the UW Robinson Center for Young Scholars, the 2015 Seattle Race Conference, and the Breadline Performance Series.

An outspoken racial justice activist, Yoona has been quoted in publications ranging from the Seattle Times to British Vogue. In January 2016, she cofounded an inclusivity initiative at the global marketing agency where she works as a senior copyeditor. Yoona received her bachelor's degree in English, with a minor in Fine Arts, from the University of Pennsylvania.

You can find Yoona’s blog, which contains her writing and illustrations, here.



As a multidisciplinary artist of Korean descent, I use painting, writing, and performance to explore topics ranging from racial discourse to the physical environment. My work is informed by critical race theory and my experiences as a woman of color.

While I appreciate the emotional effect of color, I prefer to restrict my palette to black and white. Black, to me, has an inexorable power and presence that makes it an effective vehicle of meaning. White functions as a space ripe with potential and volatile enough to be ignited by a single mark. The interplay of black and white in my work creates a dialogue between two extremes.

In my ongoing work, I explore the synergistic relationship between word and image. By combining drawing and writing, I try to capture the visual poetry of a space or a dialogue, along with the semantics—and the inherent politics—of everyday life.

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